Our mission is to organise social security, making it accessible and useful as a public service around the world.
We started making the identity and transaction digital in 2010 because we believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for People's privacy.
Explore development opportunities with IDAZ09 Corporation and discover the difference of world-class brands and innovative technology design.

Definition of IDAZ09

IDAZ09 is an Australian multinational technology company that specialises in identity and transaction digital software and online services, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

4 CHV Clientree

Do less, relax more. More responsive, more delightful.

10 SQ Compelless

Simply no risk in getting started.

6 IX Hexender

Like a consumer, but unlike any previous consumer.

9 SQ Lessdoer

No higher than reality you can and can't prove.

IDAZ09 Nations

The Congressional Institute elects members of the Congress and Data Decency Commission. It exercises the legislative function of IDAZ09 Nations.

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Data Decency

The inventor of IDAZ09 has developed a draft 'Data Decency Act'. The Act broadly outlines how IDAZ09 technology could be adopted and implemented without the need to amend current legislation.

Definition of IDAZ09

It is an alphanumeric combination of:

  • ID, identity.
  • AZ, the characters of the alphabet between A - Z.
  • 09, the numbers between 0 - 9.

This brand does not discriminate – it is inclusive of all languages.